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Network monitoring tools to prevent software vulnerabilities

Reading Time: 3 minutes As businesses move further into the world of agile development, they are increasingly creating their own applications. These applications can present a host of vulnerabilities that, if not addressed, could bring down the company. Commercial applications including ERP or CRM systems, databases, office productivity suites, or billing software can act as a host of vulnerabilities. […]

How to avoid network failure for businesses providing their services online

Reading Time: 3 minutes When we talk about the consequences and cost of network downtime, we are discussing unplanned or unexpected network outages. Unplanned network downtime cannot only be a financial drain for your business, but it can also lead to more serious issues for your IT, such as a cyberattack. Most businesses spend a lot of time calculating […]

Network Monitoring is an essential task for modern business IT infrastructure

Reading Time: 3 minutes Business network outages can be caused by human error, configuration issues, and environmental factors. Implementing network monitoring is one of the most simple and efficient ways to prevent these outages from happening in the first place. In a situation of network downtime, time is money. Network monitoring makes problem-solving easier and faster for time-strapped network […]

What are measures are you taking to protect your health IoT infrastructure?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Public health depends on information derived from monitoring population health status to identify community health problems and to diagnose and investigate health problems and hazards in the community. These depend on vital statistics and disease reporting systems, including for non-communicable diseases, injuries, risk factors, health care resources, utilization of resources, and special disease registries such […]

Identify and deal with a warning before it becomes a disaster

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a Network administrator, think about the occurrence of a hacker posing as one of your network administrators to gain access to privileged data. If they’ve stolen the proper credentials through either a data leak or a targeted spear phishing attack, they can use a legitimate access method to discover even more sensitive material. In […]