NPM – Creating Automated Linear Reports

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Reading Time: < 1 minute Revision 1.0.1 – (01-02-2017)   This document explains how to create automated linear reports. Linear reports differs from graph reports in the way it present information in a tabular way and help to answer request like “I have to report each month over utilized network links”.

Going into the Reporting page

Reading Time: 2 minutes 1 . In order to view your new linear report, you will need to go to the Reporting page located under NPM | Reporting | Linear Reports. 2 . From the list, select the report you want to view.

Create a new Automated Linear Report

Reading Time: 3 minutes 1 . You can create as many automated linear reports as you like. In order to create a new automated report, you will need to go to the Reports Management page located under NPM | Configure | Management  – Reports. 2 . On this page, click the “+” icon to create a new linear report. 3 . Choose a template […]

Add Items to your report

Reading Time: 4 minutes 1 . Once your automated linear report is created, the other tabs will be available and activated automatically. Now you need to add data items. Data items represent the data related to graph that are available in NPM. Click the “Reports” link located on the colum at the left to go back, then the “Add” link in […]