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Change default sound

How to change the default sound of different state in the frontend

There are four different states on which you can associate a sound. Those are when host or service is unreachable, down, critical or warning. The sound file is being played on changes to the mentioned state and needs to be MP3 format.

Here the steps to change the default sounds:

  • Upload your MP3 sound files into the BLESK server. The location on the BLESK server to upload a new sound file in MP3 format is “/usr/share/nagvis/share/userfiles/sounds“. Be sure that the file permission is owned by the Apache process. You can use scp, winscp or similar SSH tool to upload on the server.
  • Once the sound file is under the correct directory, you must go to the General Configuration to select it. Go to Options | General Configuration.

  • Then under the “States” tab, check the box near the sound file name you want to change, and enter the new name, then click “Save“.

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