Entry Point : All your equipment
Objective :
Steal your personal and critical data

In all companies, technicians must ensure that all equipment is updated regularly, but how do you ensure that all machines and software have the correct version or have all been updated?

BLËSK Vulnerability Assessment enables the rapid and accurate identification of vulnerabilities, configuration, compliance and malware issues in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

How can you be proactive about his flaws?

Abnormal behavior detecter :

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Configuration problems
  • The malware that hackers use to penetrate your network

BLËSK helps you fight :

Your security team often does not have time to check each machine. And nowadays, it is essential that all equipment be updated as quickly as possible to avoid a flaw that could cause you to lose critical data. Security loopholes are a hole through which hackers can attack and this is increasing day by day.

BLËSK will automatically scan all the equipment you have predefined and tested, depending on the type of OS, the known vulnerabilities. If the application sees a match between a vulnerability and your equipment, then this problem is reported in a report. It may be useful during auditing or to create an update routine.

This report is created automatically by BLËSK and allows you to see your security flaws in order of severity. In addition, each fault includes a recommendation to secure the problem and ensure that all machines with this flaw are fixed. Security breaches will inevitably bypass the most sophisticated perimeter defenses. The human team fails to stay on top of rapidly moving threats and autonomous responses become essential in the current threat landscape.