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Press Releases | Friday November 3th,  2017 | Brossard, Quebec, Canada

BLËSK team announces version 5.2

BLËSK is getting a new look with new dynamic design and new features. The NSM has been enhanced with the addition of a new feature that allows scanning by IP address of devices to discover existing and unresolved vulnerabilities.

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Another new feature is the Dashboard which has been completely redesigned and rethink to meet new user needs. It is now possible to create personalized tables that expressly meet the specific requirement of each one.

Discover the new capabilities, features and improvements of BLËSK by downloading the demo.

Press releases | Thursday, November 5th,  2015 | Brossard, Quebec, Canada

The BLËSK team announces the opening of a New Office in Ottawa

Blësk decided to open a new office in Ottawa on August 1st, 2015. Since it has experienced a rapid growth in this area over the last year, it was the right thing to do to get closer to our customers and partners. The new office is located on Elgin Street, near Rideau Canal and will provide a more localised service to Ontario-based clients.


Blësk has been providing monitoring solutions to its client in Quebec for over twelve years. The opening of this new office was part of our existing growth strategy.

New office 

475 Elgin Street-  Suite 5

Ottawa, ON, K2P 2E6

(613) 689-1539

Press releases | Monday, January 20, 2014 | Brossard, Quebec, canada

The BLËSK team announces bProbe, a new open source project for collecting network security data.

bProbe is a Snort IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that is configured to run in packet logger mode. It can be installed on a PC and inserted at a key juncture in a network to monitor and collect network activity data. The data collected is sent to a central “receiver” server (not included), which is any software capable of interpreting IDS data such as a BLËSK or any other server running Snort.


Multiple remote IDS Snort probes (bProbes) strategically placed throughout an enterprise network can be used to forward any detected security incidents to the primary database (the receiver/collector). Typically the positioning of an IDS Snort probe will be at the ingress/egress interface point for a particular security zone.

For more information, and to download bProbe: Visit our bProbe page


Founded in 2003, Prival ODC has created the BLËSK Monitoring suite. Based on open source standards, it is known to follow best practises in the industry and is well accepted within professional IT groups.

One of the most integrated software suites in the world

With a vision rooted in the belief that progress emerges from people’s desire to improve, BLËSK offers a complete range of monitoring solutions. BLËSK’s mission has been to provide purpose-built products that are designed to make IT professional’s jobs easier.

BLËSK is available to download as free 30 day trial, with the option to purchase later. The solution provides fast, scalable deployments and a high ROI.

Press releases | Wednesday, August 7, 2013 | Brossard, Quebec, canada

BLËSK improves performance by going 64-bit

More than a decade after the introduction of 32-bit computing, the computer industry is on the verge of another seismic shift: from 32-bit to a new generation of 64-bit PCs and servers. Yet, although the performance benefits of 64-bit are compelling, experts argue that it could be years before most companies complete the move.


“With the move to 64-bits, you will be more efficient, more secure and will be unconstrained by memory limits”
– Gerhard Mourani, BLËSK Developer/Designer


✓ Possibility to allocate more memory to programs when needed without being constrained by technical limitations.
✓ The overall performance of the system is faster than the 32-bit version.
✓ It’s also compatible with the UEFI firmware and with drives greater than 1TB.
✓ The 64-bit version adds extra protection at the kernel level to protect your system against potential exploits.

Press releases | Thursday, July 8, 2013 | Brossard, Quebec, canada

BLËSK: Latest Improvements

Most organizations, from the smallest office to the largest enterprises rely on some kind of network monitoring tools to help them analyze performance issues, alert them to threats, and provide reports on the health of the network environment. BLËSK is a tool that offers all of these possibilities.


3 improvements for better success

✓ New dashboard in Application Performance Monitor (APM) that provides new functionality, including a tree view for improved visibility and classification of the monitored devices.
✓ Improved Network Device Discovery application (NDD) for faster and more accurate auto detection.
✓ Added project management capabilities to Asset Life Cycle Manager (ALCM).

Press releases | Wednesday, January 8, 2013 | Brossard, Quebec, canada

BLËSK sees Strong Demand for Enterprise Edition.

BLËSK, one of Canada’s fastest growing Monitoring software suites, announced today that it has released a new edition for large scale installations and environments. The demand is being fuelled by a new business environment requiring organizations to monitor more in order to compete in an increasingly complex and flattened global business economy.


“Since our beginning in 2003, we’ve been growing more than 30% each year,” says Caroline Biron, Vice-President. “We expect continued strong performance and are making strong investment in development to meet the market needs for modern monitoring software.”

Signs of a Coming Network Redesign

✓ Application Performance Monitoring
✓ Network Performance Monitoring
✓ Network Traffic Analyzer
✓ Event Log Manager
✓ Asset Life Cycle Manager

Press releases | Tuesday, December 04, 2012 | Brossard, Quebec, canada

BLËSK Unveils New Branding and Vision for Monitoring Software.

BLËSK, a leading global monitoring software suite, unveiled today a bold new brand identity to usher in its 2nd decade of leadership. The brand strategy demonstrates the vital role that monitoring technologies, infrastructure and data traffic analysis, and report intelligence have in propelling successful businesses in a global network.


“Monitoring has a strong place in the digital revolution that is fundamentally changing the nature of business,” says Caroline Biron, founder of Prival ODC.

“Workplaces around the globe will need to be quick and responsive, and more in line with the powerful technological, societal and environmental forces that are affecting every facet of the business world. Our vision, product portfolio and new brand identity have gone through dramatic changes, and are rooted in a firm belief that progress emerges from people’s desire to evolve.”

BLËSK’s brand strategy illustrates how the company is shifting from analysis-based technologies to a complete and more intuitive experience where performance predominates. The stage was set for this transition earlier this year with the launch of the new BLËSK Platform. The robust platform integrates with a full suite of features and services.

“It’s no longer about analysis,” says Caroline Biron. “The global economy is now being defined by human talent and performance skills. News ideas are set to change the way we deal with exponential unstructured data and traffic. Desire for information accuracy and high availability, anywhere, will be drivers to successful a organization”

“BLËSK’s entire brand identity has been transformed to focus on the progressive side of this changing dynamic, and our belief in the power of ideas.”

Highlights of the new brand identity:

  • Product Name: the new name, BLËSK, conveys the company’s energy, passion and ambition. It features stylized human ideas, symbolic of the value of helping and protecting, to represent transition monitoring to a more complex and modern experience.
  • Corporate Logo: [Help and Protect] proclaims the company’s conviction that progress results from enjoyable and seamless experiences. Connecting together users regardless of their devices, equipment, and network infrastructure.
  • Website: BLËSK’s belief in a new world of mobile is underscored through images that show the positive, fun and optimistic values of more easily and quickly working together in a successful communication environment.

Press releases | Wednesday, November 14, 2012 | Brossard, Quebec, canada

BLËSK to drive greater network proactive awareness

IT management benefits from the increased productivity advantages of being able to actively engage and forward valuable information from any place at any time.

Next Generation Solution Makes Monitoring More Productive and Enjoyable.


Accessible Anytime, from Anywhere in Real-time:

The new configuration of the interface makes the most used functions immediately available with only a couple of clicks. Users have a streamlined analyst screen for instant application and reporting. Key features:

  • Quick analysis screen for fast, intuitive interpretation of data, network, troubleshooting;
  • Improves performance on large scale installations;
  • Optimize process for faster I/O response;
  • New generation console uses an easy, yet comprehensive approach;
  • Instant alerts for accurate notifications anytime anywhere;
  • Flexible SQL data recording for instant editing and content backup;
  • Easy configuration wizard activated by an intuitive program to help you start quickly and keep you on the right path;
  • Mobile integration for constant awareness and control for succeeding in a 24/7 business environment;

Simple, Intuitive Interface Drives Swift Adoption

Demand for accurate alerts is increasing significantly as companies seek greater efficiency and productivity for managing complex infrastructures covering internal and geographically dispersed teams.

Press releases | Thursday, October 25, 2012 | Brossard, Quebec, canada

4 Tips to maximize success in Asset Monitoring and Help Desk Service

BLËSK is a significant efficiency driver and performance tool. Find out how to increase the ROI of your organization’s Network Assets.

The market for virtualization is expanding, and so are the options available for mobility. Hardware requirements are decreasing, and software is here to stay. Asset Management should be more than just raw data inventory. Easy Asset Management is a driver for more complex network configurations in modern world.


A new project management plugin has been added to Asset Life Cycle Manager. This plugin, called Project, allows you to associate users, groups, companies (contacts will be used), documents, contracts, and items. These will be used for the creation of tasks linked to the project. You can create sub-projects and associate them to a parent project. The project is available as Gantt type trees and graphs.

4 Tips for better success:

✓ Open a ticket anywhere for fast and responsive action;
✓ Receive Just-In-Time Alarms for high performance operation;
✓ Define tickets to be created automatically for faster help response;
✓ Create custom ticket formats to better adjust the structure of our organization;

Press releases | Monday, September 10, 2012 | Brossard, Quebec, canada

Mobile Device Compatible Display for Monitoring Software

Worry-Free, On-the-Go Anytime, Anywhere.

BLËSK today announced an iPad compatible display for the company’s flagship online monitoring solution for fast, easy remote monitoring. The new display performs like a virtual dashboard, enabling IT management to easily access and consult information from their Mobile Device.


IT management benefits from the increased productivity advantages of being able to actively engage and forward valuable information from any place at any time.

“The acceleration of mobile work-styles and the rapid adoption of iPads and other mobility devices make it essential to equip IT workforces with an efficient way to access valuable updates on the go,” says Caroline Biron, vice president of product management for BLËSK. “Our new display connects the intuitive user-friendly design and navigation of the iPad, with a version of BLËSK anywhere that is fully optimized for the Mobile Device platform. This combination ensures monitoring activities are effortless and of the highest quality.”

Key features and benefits of Mobile Device compatibility display for BLËSK:

  • Intuitive experience: Users can connect within two minutes and enjoy the simple iPad navigation functionality for fast access to all features.
  • Comprehensive features: Users have access to all the standard functionality. Managers can easily start tasks and manage configuration.
  • Full Monitoring Management: Accurate control report has easy features for supervising management. Connect, restriction, and lock access ensure a highly secure infrastructure.

IT management benefits from the increased productivity advantages of being able to actively engage and forward valuable information from any place at any time.