Remaining 30% to Complete

Application Performance Monitor

Revision 1.0.5 – (08-27-2018)


As we know, 70% of the configuration needed to deploy a monitoring system is done on your network equipment. Once this important part is completed, the remaining 30% can be done within the various parts of your monitoring software.

Here we start with the BLËSK APM module to demonstrate the best way to ensure that everything will be completed as expected.

1. Go to Application Performance Monitor | Scan.

2 . Go to Credentials. Ensure that all required credentials (WMI, VMware, SSH, Telnet, and SNMP if needed) are already defined.

3 . Go to Scan. Start a new discovery scan of a portion of your network (subnet) or enter all known devices you want to scan separated by comma.

4 . If the devices are not listed in your preferred group, just select them and change the group (if you prefer to use your own group name to classify your devices, just create the new group directly from the Auto Detection page).

5 . Select the devices you want to monitor and click the « Import » button to automatically import them into the APM module.

6 . From this point, you can go to Application Performance Monitor (APM) and see the devices you’ve imported using the BLËSK auto detection module (NDD).

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