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Asset Life Cycle Manager

One of the primary functions of ALM is to keep track of your hardware and software assets. These assets can be entered manually in the Inventory section or they can be imported automatically with the help of an agent installed on the workstations and servers in your organization.

One such tool is the OCS-NG Windows Agent, which is available for download from the BLËSK website.

1 . Here are the instructions for manually installing the agent for Windows based systems. For a mass deployment, read this page.


2 . Choose « Network Inventory » for the type of install. You can keep the default values selected.


3. Enter the URL of your BLËSK server, and include « /ocsinventory » at the end. For example: « https://your_blesk_server_address/ocsinventory ». The User and Password can be left blank. Uncheck the « validate certificates » checkbox.

4 . The Proxy Type to choose is « None ».


5 . Select only the last two options as shown below.


6 . Once the agent is installed, you can verify the results in the ALM section of your BLËSK server. Go to Asset Life Manager | Assets | Computers.

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