Your IT team faces a daunting challenge – monitoring the complexity and overall of your network while providing a modern and impeccable service to users. We seek to promote evolution, to embrace new trends, to adopt the technologies that are revolutionizing our ways of doing things, with ever-tighter time constraints.

Our monitoring solution is a suite of applications for network monitoring and management. It consists of a mix of Open Source tools and proprietary tools installed on an optimized version of 64bit CentOS Linux. blësk helps people to see and understand the behaviour of their network. Anyone can quickly visualize, analyze and identify problems as they arise.

blësk changes the ”how” you will get there: it offers to automate repetitive monitoring tasks. He suggests priorities and emergencies. He monitors unusual and questionable behaviour. This allows you to invest your time to advance important projects in your company rather than focusing on solving problems.

Out software is powerful, flexible and easy to use. blësk is a complete and unified network management solution that includes the sending of alerts, performance data, real-time data flow analysis, centralization of events logs of all kinds, monitoring security,  asset management, and more.

blësk is known for its competitive prices, fast and efficient technical support and software that works in a snap. It is an essential software for managing today’s cloud, virtual and physical environments.

blësk has enabled the Portneuf School Board to set up a world-class monitoring console at low cost and in a short time.

– Louis-Simon Binette
IT Analyst at the School Board of Portneuf