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  Application Performance Monitor Identify and Solve Issues (Application Availability) – Covers all system environment, even the most unusual. It’s a lightweight, automated solution that detects problems before they affect your network and alerts you before your users do.   Network Performance Monitor Reduce Network Failures (Network Data History) – Improve the performance and health […]


Don’t be affected by outages (Systems Management Software) – Used to monitor your entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly. Identify and resolve issues before they affect operation. Application Performance Monitor Reduce network problems (Network Management Software) – Used to graph time-series data of metrics such as CPU […]


Your IT team faces a daunting challenge – monitoring the complexity and overall network while providing a modern, flawless service to users. We seek to promote evolution, to embrace new trends, to adopt the technologies that revolutionize our ways of doing things, with increasingly tight time constraints. Our monitoring solution is a suite of applications […]


  Which version of blësk is right for you? blësk is the industry’s first monitoring application to integrate major Open Source monitoring technologies in a single and very easy to use application. The solution provides fast, scalable deployments and a high ROI.