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Network Configuration Manager

The BLËSK Network Configuration Manager (NCM) module allows you create and maintain backups of the configuration files for you network equipment such as firewalls, routers, and switches. This tool allows you to centralize all backups and configuration of all your switches, regardless of the manufacturer. Any changes made are recorded here, allowing you to quickly determine what changes where made, when, and by who.

NCM will make hourly comparisons of the running configuration files to see if any changes were made. If a modification is detected, a backup of the new file will be created. Different versions numbers will be given to the files in order to distinguish between them (Revision 1.2, Revision 1.3, Revision 1.4, etc.). NCM will also send you an email notification when changes are detected.

See the Quick Start guide to get up and running quickly with NCM.

Several manufacturer tabs are provided for you, but these can be customized.

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