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Asset Life Cycle Manager

With BLËSK Asset Life Cycle Manager (ALCM) module you will be able to build a complete documentation of all workstations and servers on your network by automating software and hardware inventory reports.

The action buttons are, from left to right: Inventory, Assistance, Management, Tools, Administration, and Advanced.

Central Console Reception

The central console reception presents a short summary of ALCM contents. In the central console reception, you can find your own in progress tickets, your pending tickets, the tickets follow-up, your planning, a personal and public notes system (described below) and recent events.

In this view, you also have access to a personal and public notes system.

  • The personal notes : They are visible only by you. You can plan them.
  • The public notes : Only super-admin users can create public notes. All users who have central access can see them.
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