Event Log Manager

Event log consolidation

Your organization’s IT infrastructure generates huge amounts of logs each day. The task of analyzing these event logs and syslogs without automated Event log tools can be both time-consuming and painful.

BLËSK Event Log Manager is a powerful log management application. This tool is a software solution for centralizing, analyzing, and controlling logs from all of the equipment on your network and more. ELM provides blazing fast access to the millions upon millions of log entries generated on your network. Slow SQL based searches are now a thing of the past!

Collect Log and event data in real-time from any devices


BLËSK Event Log Manager (ELM) helps you take logs and other time based event data from any system and store it in a single place for additional transformation and processing.
  • An intuitive interface leads you to easily discover your environment
  • Collect log and event data automatically
  • Receive log and data to and from any network device, server, etc
  • Filter immediate insight to track problems in your environment
  • Save time by centralizing information

ELM is a flexible and powerful distributed, real-time search and analytics engine. Designed from the ground up for use in distributed environments where reliability and scalability are must haves, BLËSK Event Log Manager gives you the ability to move easily beyond simple full-text search.

Fast and easy log collection to help address different scaling needs

A solution that differentiates itself from the competition with zero installation, zero configuration and usage-based models already predefined.

    • Store terabytes of log data at high compression rates
    • Flexible deployment methods to help address complex organizational needs
    • Work with hundreds of million of rows of data
    • Address log requirements for complex organization

Working with massive amounts of data? BLËSK’s Data Engine is blazing fast. With BLËSK Event Log Manager you don’t have to use anything less than all the data you need. BLËSK’s architecture-aware approach means you can import all your data right onto your server and still benefit from interactive response time.


Smart, fit, and beautiful dashboards


BLËSK’s dynamic dashboard panels are savable, shareable and exportable. You can perform data analysis in BLËSK’s beautiful user interface using pre-designed dashboards or update these dashboards in real-time for on-the-fly data analysis.

Combine multiple views of data in a single dashboard, and highlight and filter related data. When you create brilliant dashboards in BLËSK Event Log Manager you can share them–-along with your aha! moments–with anyone. BLËSK is the data visualization software that will help you take your analytics to the next level.

Using BLËSK Event Log Manager you can publish interactive dashboards to the web in seconds, then embed them in a SharePoint site or view them on an iPad or Android tablet. Because your viewers need only a web browser or a tablet to filter, sort, and answer their own questions, they can engage anywhere, anytime.