Release notes

Our recent projects

March 2019 – Version 5.4

NEW General – Added support for Kerberos – SSO Auth
NEW General – New version for the SPM function
NEW General – New General Dashboard (DSB) version
NEW General – New predefined Dashboard Graphs
NEW General – New feature to switch between IP or Host Name

September 2018 – Version 5.3

NEW General – Changed MySQL version from 5.5 to 5.7
NEW General – MySQL Version 5.5 will be discontinued soon
NEW General – Updated PHP version to 5.6.33
NEW General – Merged CSS in HTML core code
NEW General – Updated GnuPG version to 2.2.9
NEW General – Updated OpenSSL version to 1.0.1e
NEW General – Updated Apache version to 2.2.34
NEW General – Improved system load


NEW APM – Updated APM version to 4.3.2
NEW APM – Added new service templates
NEW APM – Better auto-detection (more manufacturers)
NEW APM – Changed Graph Visualization for PNP4Nagios to HighCharts
NEW APM – GUI is now full-screen

IMPORTANT APM – Fixed issue related to the number of items displayed per page in APM
IMPORTANT APM – Fixed reporting table not displaying correctly in all browsers
IMPORTANT APM – Fixed duplicate service check for Elasticsearch
IMPORTANT APM – Modified column uptime varchar(30) to 60

IMPROVED APM – Better checking of local BLESK services before sending alerts
IMPROVED APM – New Network Map icons
IMPROVED APM – Better World Map position (Google – GPS)


NEW NPM – Updated NPM version from 0.8.4 to 1.1.38
NEW NPM – Graph details provide more information on bandwidth
NEW NPM – Graph can be viewed in real-time
NEW NPM – Network configuration and SNMP have their own table
NEW NPM – GUI is now full-screen

IMPORTANT NPM – Corrected issue with deep Link/Bookmark Trees
IMPORTANT NPM – Fixed missing variable warning when SQL had all bad modes
IMPORTANT NPM – Console Side Bar not correct on first login

IMPROVED NPM – Switched MySQL engine from MyISAM to INNODB
IMPROVED NPM – On large installs – Enable On-demand RRD
IMPROVED NPM – More native plugin integration
IMPROVED NPM – Update SQL / Backtrace to use new clean_up_lines() function


NEW NTA – New time-series API with support for RRD and InfluxDB
NEW NTA – Streaming PCAP captures with BPF support
NEW NTA – Periodically cache information of all the SNMP devices configured
NEW NTA – GUI is now full-screen

IMPORTANT NTA – Fixed several library memory leaks
IMPORTANT NTA – Fixed host/flows purging

IMPROVED NTA – Improved random session id generation
IMPROVED NTA – OS detection via HTTP User-Agent
IMPROVED NTA – Automatically detects your private network


NEW SPM – Updated SPM version to 2.039030
NEW SPM – Autodiscovery via EIGRP peers
NEW SPM – Added MIBs references for better detection and precision
NEW SPM – GUI is now full screen

IMPORTANT SPM – Bug fix: Issue DB schema statements each within save points
IMPORTANT SPM – Bug fix: Clicking the discover button with an empty field causes a crash
IMPORTANT SPM – Neighbours map display is blank after the upgrade

IMPROVED SPM – Improvements to Undiscovered Neighbours report
IMPROVED SPM – Improve Palo Alto SSH Collector support
IMPROVED SPM – New landing page with Find Anything form


NEW NSM – Added support to block port-scan
NEW NSM – Added support to re-evaluate reputation
NEW NSM – GUI is now full-screen

IMPORTANT NSM – Fixed issue to detect RTP up to two SSRC switches
IMPORTANT NSM – Fixed issue of correct session matching for TCP SYN packets
IMPORTANT NSM – Fixed issues related to HTTP POST header flushing

IMPROVED NSM – Automatically detects your private network
IMPROVED NSM – Can now integrate with Elasticsearch (ELM)
IMPROVED NSM – Better port scan detection


NEW ALM – Updated ALM to 9.3.1
NEW ALM – Added new plugin for PDF, Manufacturer import and OpenVAS
NEW ALM – Data center Inventory management
NEW ALM – ITIL solution historical
NEW ALM – GUI is now full screen

IMPORTANT ALM – Improved Tickets, Problems and Changes support history
IMPORTANT ALM – Fixed missing tabs for empty ticket
IMPORTANT ALM – Plugin activation is not working on existing sessions
IMPORTANT ALM – Fixed missing notes in emails

IMPROVED ALM – Better printer support
IMPROVED ALM – Multiple inventory items in licenses
IMPROVED ALM – Historical filters