Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

Manage changes to network device configurations

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In business since 2004, blësk has entered the market as the solution of choice for network monitoring.

Key advantages

  • Connection to network device
  • Comparison of configuration
  • Backup of new configurations
  • Alert the administrator during a backup and changes
  • Repetition according to the established schedule

In a year, a week or even a day, many changes to network equipment configurations can be made by the IT team. It is often difficult to keep track of the latest changes or even old entries. To help you track past and present configurations, you need a tool centralizing and tracking changes over time.

blësk Network Configuration Manager (NCM) provides the ability to schedule automated tasks associated with backups and secure storage of all device configurations installed on your network. Unlike manual procedures and house scripts, you will have a centralized management system for all devices, while reducing the risk of manual errors or loss of resources.

No More Manual and Routine Procedures

Once blësk NCM is connected to all network devices, many manual and routine procedures related to configurations can be automated.

Simple Peripherals Management and Integration

blësk NCM integrates with all network and security devices offered by manufacturers around the world. New devices are continuously added, the solution is updated every month.

blësk NCM provides a single central repository for

Being compatible with all manufacturers for taking backups, NCM will ensure that all supported device configuration files are verified and kept in a single, secure central location for fast restoration or retrieval, when you need it. blësk Network Configuration Manager allows:

  • Real-time backup;

  • Tasks automation;
  • Configurations comparison;
  • Multiperipheral management.