Network Security Monitor (NSM)

Identify, search and prioritize vulnerabilities

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In business since 2004, blësk has entered the market as the solution of choice for network monitoring.

Key advantages

  • Collecting security events
  • TCP/IP packets revision
  • Security analysis
  • Threats and anomalies identification

What can you do to be sure that there are no security vulnerabilities within your network and the services used? You need a robust tool that can identify and report these violations.

blësk Network Security Monitor (NSM) is a prevention system capable of performing a real-time compliance scan to detect and alert you of existing vulnerabilities across all your desktops, servers, and network devices.

Your network assets and their vulnerabilities are constantly evolving. With NSM, you get continuous, real-time assessment of your security status so you can find and fix vulnerabilities and suspicious behavior more quickly.

To effectively monitor attacks, blësk NSM regularly scans assets and services and identifies heuristic patterns (often called signatures) of common cyber attacks.

Eliminates Blind Spots

blësk NSM allows you to actively and passively analyze your entire IT environment. Evaluate systems, networks, and applications to discover and identify vulnerabilities that threaten your security.

In summary, blësk Network Secutity Monitor allows:

  • Vulnerability classification according to their severity

  • Simplified compliance
  • Complete coverage and security visibility
  • Intuitive reports and dashboards
  • Immediate overview
  • Continuous monitoring

Keep your organization in line with the standards through immediate visibility of your state. Easily demonstrate your compliance with predefined controls of industry standards and regulatory mandates.