Switch Port Manager (SPM)

Quickly locate equipment on your network

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In business since 2004, blësk has entered the market as the solution of choice for network monitoring.

Key advantages

  • Network infrastructure inventory
  • Automatic data update
  • Network mapping
  • Disabling a switch port with a simple click
  • Machine location on the network by MAC, IP or name

Finding the location on which specific equipment is connected can be a much more complex task than expected when you do not have the right tools.

blësk Switch Port Manager (SPM) simplifies the task by automatically identifying the interconnections between devices with only a simple information such as the name of the device, its MAC or IP address and SPM finds the location within seconds. It is no longer necessary to manually determine what devices are connected to, thus freeing you from a daunting task.

With blësk SPM, keeping track of device types, serial numbers, models, firmware versions and more becomes an easy task. SPM dynamically extracts this device information for you. Data is refreshed with each scan to stay up-to-date.

blësk SPM—Features

blësk SPM is a software with multiple features. It can, among other things, retrieve network information such as routing and IP addresses after which a network topology is created. This map allows users to have a star view, real-time network and uplinks, so it is no longer necessary to use manual drawings or a specific limited scan.

In addition, the report feature allows you to display ports in “Half Duplex”, ports that have not been recently used, VLAN IDs, and more depending on your needs.