Your network is the heart of your company; if it stops beating, you’re out of business

In today’s hyper-connected world, network health is critical to the overall success of any business. If it goes down, everything else does, too. And when it comes to a network outage, time is money.

As a network administrator, this is certainly something one should avoid.

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How are businesses impacted by network outages?

Network outage or downtime impacts a business in many ways including loss of productivity, revenue, and high cost associated with downtime, as when the network is down, workers can’t work, and products or services can’t be sold. Eventually, network outage leaves a permanent impact on the business reputation.

What to monitor on your network and how are you going to do that?

Network failure can happen to any organization proactive planning can help prevent or help to mitigate the next outage and its impact on productivity and revenue.

The good thing is that businesses do not need to break the bank to ensure that. The right tool or technique is more important than anything else in this case.

For those that aim to have network availability, the ideal tool would be to perform monitoring, optimizing, troubleshooting, and reporting on the health and availability of your network as experienced by your users by using different types of telemetry, including device metrics, network flow data, and Packet data.

blësk Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

blësk Network Performance Monitor (NPM) detects, diagnoses, and helps resolve performance problems before breakdowns occur. It collects and analyzes data from routers, switches, servers, and other SNMP compatible devices in almost real time, presenting the data in graphs for detailed monitoring. Each provides a different perspective on the problem that when combined, provides a complete understanding of the health of your network and the applications running over it.

In other words, blësk Network Performance Monitor (NPM) improves the performance and health of your network. It is used to trace serial data such as CPU load or the use of bandwidth. It collects, analyzes, and measures performance data for SNMP compliant devices in near real time.

blësk NPM creates a service-oriented view of your IT infrastructure and identifies the main network problems. It automatically detects, maps and monitors all devices on a network and presents graphs and interactive linear tables. Thanks to innovative technologies integrated with NPM, your IT team can query services at predetermined intervals and can graph the resulting data.

blësk, a complete network monitoring solution

blësk is a complete network monitoring solution, which allows you to monitor the status of services on the server or client machines, see the security status of a network, analyze communication protocols exchanged, view information on the features of the components of the network, verify the latency of devices, see event log reports, and administer and manage systems remotely.

In summary, network performance is key to streamlined operations of businesses in this tech dependent era. Service interruptions can only be mitigated by real-time status updates of network services with a Network Monitoring tool.

Managed Network Monitoring Service

We understand that some organizations may don’t have inhouse capacity to facilitate many essential tasks; therefore, blësk offers managed services to the low resourced companies to monitor their network services.

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