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Reading Time: < 1 minute Revision 1.2.20 – (12-06-2016)   This document explains how to configure network devices such as Switches to send NetFlow or sFlow statistics to a Monitoring Server like blësk. Please take a note that commands as explained into this document may vary according to your device version and models.

Enable NetFlow on Cisco Meraki

Reading Time: < 1 minute NetFlow can be configured in Dashboard on the Network-wide > Configure > General page. NetFlow configuration settings are found under the Reporting header, with the following options : 1 . NetFlow traffic reporting A drop-down menu to enable or disable NetFlow functionality 2 . NetFlow collector IP This configuration option only appears if NetFlow traffic reporting is set to “Enabled: […]

Enable NetFlow on Cisco ASA

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some time ago, Cisco has implemented NetFlow 9 for its popular ASA 5500 security and firewall appliances. But this implementation of NetFlow is quite different from what other Cisco devices provide. It is called “Netflow Security Event Logging” (NSEL) and was originally introduced on the Cisco ASA 5580. Now, with the latest firmware (ASA 8.2.x or later), […]

Enable NetFlow on Cisco

Reading Time: 2 minutes To ensure that the necessary hardware is enabled, issue the show module command, as follows: show module all Mod Submodule Model Serial No. Hw Status —-+———————–+—————–+————+—-+——— 1 Netflow Services Card WS-F4531 JAB062209CG 0.2 Ok If the NetFlow module is available, you should see something like the above. The following sequence of IOS commands can be […]

Enable sFlow on FortiGate

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recent FortiOS release adds sFlow support to Fortinet’s FortiGate® appliances. The following commands configure a FortiGate to sample packets at 1-in-10, poll counters every 20 seconds, and send sFlow to an analyzer ( over UDP using the default sFlow port (6343) : config system sflow set collector-ip set collector-port 6343 end Then for each […]